Friday, 26 September 2014


15/09/14. Kalisi.

Kia ora , Talofa Lava , Malo lele and greeting to you all.
My  name is Kalisi and I am going to tell you about friendship.

Friendship is special because its a feeling between 2 people  and that  is  a part of love.

You can do lots of things with a friend.
  • You can go  to the park and play in the slide or the swing.
  • Go to the mall and pick out a pretty or cool  dress for a party or something important.
  • You can play sport on a sunny day like netball or rugby or tennis.

Friendship  are so cool to hang. Friends are kind. Friends help you if you are down. Having friends are good so you don’t feel alone.You could might talk about secrets in the field and tell funny jokes or tell some funny  things or tell embarrassing thing you did.

Best friends will also be totally honest with you. They know you well and are able to tell it like it is. So thank your best friend the next time you see her at the mall or at school or anywhere you see her.
You can do  lots of stuff when you're bored or in a rainy day.
Best friends are so cool because they have lots of talents and they are different.

There is other names for friends and they are
pal, buddy, chum, companion, comrade
acquaintance, contact, colleague, associate,workmate
ally, supporter, well-wisher, helper, collaborator.  

Best friends are people who invited you in a party.
A short way to say best friends forever is BFF.
If you don’t have a friend then get one and play.

Friendship is one of the nicest things to have and one of the                                                                                                                                                                                                                 nicest things to be .
Friendship are nice kind positive carrying and lovable.

God Bless.

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