Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My Wonderful Mum

My Wonderful Mum

My mum is very special because she is really kind. She always protects me and and helps me to do my homework.
My mum is like a best friend or a big sister to me and  she’s really nice to me.When my mum tells me a joke I laugh.
My mum is the best mum ever in the whole world because she is magnificent.
My mum has a beautiful unique smile. My mum is incredible and super.
I love my mum because she is awesome and  she is a hard worker.
I love my mum because she loves me.
My mum always says to try your best at school and always do the right thing.My mum is really fantastic because she is really inspiring.
My mum’s favourite colours are yellow and blue.
People sometimes think that mums are not really the best but I think they are the best mums ever in the world.
I really want to thank my mum for the things that she has given to me, like making my lunch, cleaning the house, buying our clothes and making our dinner.
I mostly really like my mum because she loves me and she is really special. I know this is not much, but I know that you will still love it.
I really love you mum.Screenshot 2014-05-09 at 12.02.56.png


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